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Closerie Falaiseau is our permanent home, but for two months a year, we provide visitors with the opportunity to live in a “real” French home built more than 400 years ago. We naturally remove our personal belongings during your stay, but otherwise you have full access to our lovingly decorated and very comfortable home.

Rates / Prices

Nightly rate / Tarif par nuit: 160 euro/night for 2 to 4 people with a minimum stay of three nights / 160 euros par nuit pour 2 à 4 personnes avec un séjour minimum de 3 nuits

SPECIAL – LAST MINUTE JUNE 12 to 22 – 130 euro / night and 800 euro / week.

Weekly / Tarif par semaine: 1040 euro/week  / 1040 euros par semaine  

Compulsory cleaning & linen fee / Frais de ménage et de linge obligatoire € 60 at the end of your stay or at the end of each week if you stay more than one week / 60 € à la fin du séjour et à la fin de chaque semaine si vous restez plus d’une semaine. (The second bedroom is not available unless requested/la deuxième chambre est disponible uniquement sur demande).

Availability / Disponibilité

See availability on calendar on up-to-date calendar below (red = booked, green = available)/ Voir disponibilité sur le calendrier ci-dessous (rouge = indisponible, vert = disponible). Other dates are possible on request / D’autres dates sont possibles sur demande

Closerie Falaiseau

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Bookings / Réservations

You can book either by filling in the form below, sending me an email at falaiseau @ gmail.com [please remove spaces from email address] or phoning or texting +33(0)6 76 41 99 43 / Réservations en remplissant le formulaire ci-dessous, par email à falaiseau @ gmail.com [veuillez enlever les espaces de l’adresse mail] ou par téléphone ou SMS au +33(0)6 76 41 99 43.

Please email me for inquiries and reservations
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4 Responses to Rates & Availability

  1. Ed McFadd says:

    We are six retired guys on a 4 day bike tour of the Loire Valley. I noticed your site on Experiencefrancebybike.com. Would it make comfortable sense for us to stay at your home? We each need a bed. It would be probably from September 25 leaving on the morning of the 29th.
    ps We’ll be arriving at Tours from Bayeux and will need to rent bikes.

  2. Rosemary Kneipp says:

    Hello, we’d love to have you but there is only one double bed! Only the ground floor is for rental I’m afraid. Good luck with finding somewhere else! Hope you have a lovely trip.

  3. Rita Malik says:

    Hi Rosemary
    Your gite looks wonderful. Can’t wait for you to put up more photos! We organize tours for indepently travelling Australians in Europe who are frequently looking for something a bit more ‘off-the-beaten-path’and I think your accommodation and the location of your place would provide just that. I will be in touch with you once we have some travellers who are keen to stay in the Loire valley for some exploring.
    Until then

  4. Sue Doyle says:

    Hi there
    Looks lovely. Just checking availability and price for two couples from 21st to 24th June.

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